domingo, 9 de março de 2014

cantiga de amigo

to listen while reading amigo queredes vos ir?, by the king Afonso X, XIII/XIV centuries, Iberia, Paulina Ceremuzynska sings.

this time there is no translation on the title. it doesn't exist. it is a Galician/Portuguese Middle Ages romantic song, where a woman speaks by a man's writing.
Between one higher age to another, it seems that there is always a middle one. maybe's because of this that contemporaneity is seeking design foundation on the passed one.

desta vez não há tradução possível para o título. e sabe muito bem.
Entre duas Idades Altas, parece haver sempre uma Média. talvez seja por isto que o desenho contemporâneo procura inspiração na mais recente.

1. Baroque tiling, starts at 20x20x1cm, €48,79 each piece, at Mandarin Stone;  2. Magazzino ceiling lamp, hammered iron, Ø50x70cm, €189 at Area;  3. Acquarello vases, by Federico Angi, frosted nickel finished spun brass, from Cappellini, sarts at €184,50 at Cena d'Arte;  4. 5'' Light Jute Fringe, from Samuel & Sons;  5. Threads for Cockaigne neck piece, by Martijn van Strien; 6. Nilleq side table, wood and acrylic, 30x30x45cm, €3.234 at Bleu Nature;  7. Imo folding and wall mounted stool, black walnut, 450x410x475mm, €335,62 at Pinch Design;  8. Magic Flute Sarastro tableware, by Bjorn Winblad, plate €295 and coffee pot €395 at Rosenthal;  9. Vibrato rug, hand wooden wool, starts at 100x100cm, €108 at Toulemonde Bochart;  10. Roots rug, by Matali Crasset, hand knotted at Nepal, wool, Ø220cm, €17.550 at Nodus.

1. Azulejos Baroque, a partir de 20x20x1cm €48,79 cada na Mandarin Stone;  2. Candeeiro de tecto Magazzino, ferro martelado, Ø50x70cm, €189 na Area;  3. Vasos Acquarello, por Federico Angi, latão acabado niquelado fosco, da Cappellini a partir de €184,50 na Cena d'Arte; 4. Franja em juta 5'', da Samuel & Sons;  5. Abafo Threads for Cockaigne, por Martijn van Strien;  6. Mesa de apoio Nilleq, madeira e acrílico, 30x30x45cm, €3.234 na Bleu Nature;  7. Banci dobrável Imo, para pendurar na parede, nogueira preta, 450x410x475mm, €335,62 na Pinch Design;  8. Serviço Magic Flute Sarastro, por Bjorn Winblad, €295 pelo prato e €395 pelo bule na Rosenthal;  9. Tapete Vibrato, lã artesanal, a partir de 100x100cm, €108 na Toulemonde Bochart; 10. Tapete Roots, por Matali Crasset, lã, tecido no Nepal, Ø220cm, €17.500 na Nodus.

1. Terracota Pots, by Benjamin Hubert for Menu, between €60 and €100, at Hangar;  2. Millennial Console, by Maximo Riera, authentic millenarian olive tree wood and painted metallic structure, starts at €4.271,48 at Io Art Gallery;  3. Strap stool, by Bram/Stijn, assembled with straps, oak, €219 at Vij5;  4. The Origins of the Drink wood bottles, by Lars Frideen, at Discipline;  5. Mono Candlestack, by Victoria Delany;  6. Leaning Shelves, wood and metal chain, 197x46cmx39cm, €261 at French Connection;  7. Caldas center table, metal structure and tiled top, €869, at Mambo;  8. Trenzas pouf, 100% pure wool, 70x70x35cm, €467 at Gandia Blasco;  9. Palizzata bench, by Michele de Lucchi, briccola oak, 297x74x84cm, at Riva1920;  10. Mass dining table, copper color, 78x300cm, €8.542 at Tom Dixon;  11. Nub armchair, by Patricia Urquiola, painted wood, 109x71x85cm, from Andreu World, starts at €959 at Quarto Sala;  12. Gregoria high bench, by Ito Kish

1. Pots, terracota, por Benjamin Hubert, para a Menu, entre €60 e €100 na Hangar;  2. Consola Millennial, por Maximo Riera,  cepo de oliveira milenar e estrutura em metal pintado, a partir de €4.271,48 na Io Art Gallery;  3. Banco Strap, por Bram/Stijn, montado por encaixe e cintos, carvalho, €219 na Vij5;  4. Garrafas em madeira The Origins of the Drink, por Lars Frideen, na Discipline;  5. Castiçal Mono Candlestack, por Victoria Delany;  6. Estante de encostar Leaning Shelves, madeira e corrente metálica, 197x46x39cm, €261 na French Connection;  7. Mesa de Centro Caldas, estrutura metáliva e tampo em azulejo, €869 na Mambo;  8. Pouf Trenzas, 100% lã virgem, 70x70x35cm na Gandia Blasco;  9. Banco Palizzata, por Michele de Lucchi, briccola de carvalho, 297x74x84cm, na Riva1920;  10. Mesa de jantar Mass, acobreada, 78x300cm, €8.542 na Tom Dixon;  11. Cadeirão Nub, por Patricia Urquiola, madeira pintada, 109x71x85cm, da Andreu World, a partir de €959 na Quarto Sala;  12. Cadeiral Gregoria, por Ito Kish.

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