quarta-feira, 16 de abril de 2014


acordai, by fernando lopes graça and josé gomes ferreira - lisboa cantat choir

yesterday, the empty snail shell we call prime minister talked to the nation, sustained by the lousiest kind of journalist that exists: an empty snail shell and a ventriloquist puppet, not a journalist. here by I leave the translation of lyrics from above song, for foreigner readers; I am sure that I do not need to do the same for my countrymen, except if they are from puppet/empty shell category. In that case, please go, and do not come back.

awake, awake
sleeping man that pack villainous silences pain
come in mainly clamor plucking the flower
that still sleeps in root

awake lightning and typhoons that lie in the air
and in the crowds
come ignite the sea pebbles, the world and the hearts
with stars and songs

ignite with suns and souls
this pierless sea without lighthouse guidance
and after final fightings 
awake our sleeping heroes on trenches 

Emergency, by Colectivo da Rainha

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