segunda-feira, 26 de maio de 2014

nouveau ancien regime

to listen while reading, Handel, Concerto Grosso, op.6 nº12, Allegro, by English Baroque Orchestra, 1954

there will always be rich and poor, fat and skinny, throw up by excess and starve dying, people in lace and miserable naked. Or not, it's your choice. Your call. 

há-de sempre haver pobres e ricos, gordos e magros, vomitantes por excesso e mortos de fome, gentes em renda e desgraçados nus. Ou não, tu é que sabes.

1. Balloon Bench, suspended on wall, by h220430, at Somewhere gallery, Tokyo;  2. Atomos chandelier, cristal glass spheres on a satin brass frame, Ø65x60cm, at Baroncelli;  3. Rinceau wallpaper, 85 and 170 cm wide, at Troveline;  4. Vintage Demijohn lamp and bowl, by Luca Martirano and Mattia Albicini, made from old italian vineyards carafes + hand turned cork and brass, €729 and €190;  5. Grand Chandelier wall lamp, glo-canvas, , starts at 35x35cm, €74,58 at Duffy London;  6. Jellies, by Patricia Urquiola, PMMA, for Kartell, at Tartaruga;  7. Paper Vase Cover, fits most common bottles, €19 at Pepe Heykoop;  8. Novy Bor carafe, by V8Designers, for La Chance, debuting in September at Joana Marcelino;  9. The Dance of the Deaf and Dumb Eye hair piece by Nikoline Liv Andersen.

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